Daily Blog #2 : A Cruise to 365

Success! The fiance and I woke up this morning, had a continental breakfast and we are set for our cruise departure at 12. Now this is the concern, I will not be able to blog during the cruise. However, I’ll write up posts each day and post them all once I return.

Our hotel experience here at the Comfort Inn located in Cape Canaveral has been awesome. The amazing general manager upgraded us to a suite for no reason and everything has bee wonderful. Well, with the exception of breakfast.

Continental breakfast is always an interesting experience. We all line up at the breakfast bar like a food trough. The majority of the foods that lay before us would usually be turned away at a restaurant. Yet, the idea that it’s “free” motivates us to take advantage of such a perk. I chuckled a little as I watched a middle-aged man struggle with the waffle maker. 

“At this point in his life he has never used one of these?” I thought to myself. Don’t worry though, I helped him through the process and saved him from an early morning burn once removing his waffle became an issue.

Now back to the cruise, this is not something I’m confident about. Like the waffle maker, this is untouched territory for myself but it’s a known territory for my fiance. After all, she booked the cruise and is forcing me out of my comfort zone. I usually would never allow myself to spend so much money on an intangible thing. Car, laptop, camera, and other items I’m fine justifying; but a cruise is something I can’t really quantify the value of, at this time at least.

Before I go I suppose that I should try and leave with an ounce of wisdom. As I watch a show about little people trying to lose weight, there’s something I see that’s universal. It’s fear of failure. The physical trainer is struggling with a client that keeps tapping out at each workout segment. Chuck appears to be afraid to look bad and not able to get a rep. Fear of failure is the fear or misunderstanding of growth. Understanding yourself will take you far. Either shift your mindset to accept some embarrassment as a part of the process, or become motivated enough to do the workouts in privacy until you’re comfortable anough to do so in public.

Personally I’ve lost 20 lbs over the last month and a half. I still have another 20 I would like to lose to get back to my “competitive weight.” Earnestly, the struggles make sense to me because it is difficult. Regardless the best things in life aren’t achieved through easy means.

Talk again soon,



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